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Wayne Dalton
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How Much Do Door Dealers Spend on Advertising?

Dollars Dealers Spend on Advertising

• Are you spending enough …or too much… on advertising?
• How much does the typical door dealer spend on Yellow Pages?
• Do you have more BBB complaints than the typical dealer?

Our new nationwide survey of garage door dealers produced the answers to these questions and many more. It’s all free, and it’s all right here.

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Subcontractor Crackdown Coming

Subcontractor Crackdown

Door dealers are reporting that the government is knocking at their doors, demanding answers and big bucks. It’s all related to a new IRS and Department of Labor crackdown on small businesses that are misclassifying technicians as independent contractors.

Are you at risk? Read our story and take our 11-question quiz that will tell you if you’re violating the law.

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What Happened After
“The Worst”

After the Worst

Wow, did we touch a nerve!

The cover story of our fall issue on “The Worst Garage Door Company in the Nation” sent major shockwaves throughout the industry. But wait until you hear what happened after our story hit the streets.

We’re talking about an eruption of new TV reports about GDS and eye-opening reaction from the BBB and GDS itself. Several GDS employees also contacted us.

What did they all say? Read our report here.

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A Flood of Letters


Our typical cover story generates about two or three emails (letters) to the editor. Our GDS story erupted in an avalanche of more than 40 emails.

From door dealers. From manufacturers. From GDS employees. We even got email from homeowners!

Were they ticked? Aghast? Cheering? Read them for yourself.

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“Inside Edition” Turns Cameras on Garage Door Repairmen

Inside EditionAdd “Inside Edition” to the list of national television shows that have exposed garage door repair rip-offs. But they didn’t run just one story on slippery garage door guys. They ran two.

Our latest edition of Clippings summarizes the new reports, with a bonus story about the arrest of a garage door employee who violently got back at his boss. Read it here.

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Corporate Manslaughter!

GuiltyOur latest Newslines has three stories that will stop you in your tracks.

• A gate company was convicted and fined for corporate manslaughter.
• The EPA fined another door dealer for a lead paint violation.
• GarageWowNow just released an infographic that can help you sell more doors.

Get the important details right here.

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