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Wayne Dalton

Who Will Buy Your Next Carriage House Garage Door?

Who Will Buy Your Next Carriage House Garage Door?

After a nationwide poll of hundreds of door dealers, we discovered …

1. A description of who is most likely to pay more for a carriage style garage door.
2. The five most popular carriage door models on the market today.

You need to read this.

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How Many Congressmen Does It Take to Install a GDO?

Congressmen Installs a GDO

Believe it or not, a top-ranking Congressman came to a door dealer and actually installed a garage door opener!

Read why he did it here.

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Technician Dies, Door Dealer Fined $70,000

Door Dealer Fined $70,000

A garage door technician was tragically killed on a job site. The court found this door dealer guilty of three serious violations.

Read about the door dealer’s failures … and other hot stories about garage doors in the news. Always read Clippings.

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Don’t Repair That Operator!

Don’t Repair That OperatorAre you repairing pre-1993 operators? DASMA is about to launch a nationwide campaign that urges you NOT to do it. Here’s why.

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Is Run Local on the Run?

Is Run Local on the Run?Several dealers wrote to us about our summer issue that exposed hundreds of complaints against Run Local Garage Door, a new nationwide garage door repair operation. Some dealers think Run Local is now operating under different names.

Read what they’re saying.

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