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Will Obamacare Cripple
Door Dealers?
Revelations From a New D&AS Survey

Obama Care Cripple Door Dealers?

Some dealers are taking advantage of the law’s new tax credits for small businesses. Many others are seeing big increases in their insurance premiums. Some dealers are even killing or reducing health insurance coverage for employees.

Our new nationwide dealer survey revealed some of the law’s surprising negative effects, positive effects, and some strategies that dealers are using to adjust to “Obamacare.” Read on.

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Who Are You Voting For?

Who Are You Voting For?

If you thought that door and access systems dealers tend to lean Republican, you have greatly underestimated the situation.

This president is out to destroy this country. We have created a doomsday machine,” is just one of many passionate statements that dealers are making.

Read the stunning results of our fourth D&AS presidential poll, and hear other dealers sound off.

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Five Questions for an
Industry Leader

QuestionsWe asked Linear’s new president five tough questions. His responses reveal some no-nonsense advice for dealers and some eye-opening predictions about the future of the GDO industry. Read on.

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Four New Presidents?

Four New PresidentsOur industry occasionally sees a new president taking the helm at a key manufacturer. But four? At the same time?

We’re talking about big companies like Overhead Door and LiftMaster. Do these presidents have any industry experience? Are they qualified? Find out here.

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New RRP Bill. New Garage Stats.

RRP UpdateA new House bill to restore the much-desired opt-out provision of the EPA’s RRP Rule is gaining traction. This could be big.

The U.S. Census Bureau recently announced the latest shift in garage construction throughout the country. These stats affect you.

Read our quick summary of the House bill and key findings of the new Census statistics.

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