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An Exclusive Interview With Windsor's President

EPA Delays RRP Certification
As recently as 15 years ago, Windsor Door was considered one of the five largest manufacturers in our industry. But things have changed.

A lot.

In this exclusive interview, we talk with Brad Gridley, the president of the new Windsor Door, about what happened, their new owners, and their plans to rebuild.

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The 2011 Carriage House Sales Report: Lessons Learned

Carriage House Sales

The results of our fourth nationwide Carriage House Sales Survey are in! Responding dealers didn't hesitate to speak out about the industry's hottest product.

Read the survey results, dealers' comments, our analysis, and key lessons learned from dealers from throughout the continent.

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Dealers React to Dateline/Precision Door Story

Dealers React
Wow, did we get an earful! The cover story of our summer issue, "BUSTED: 'Dateline NBC' Exposes Garage Door Technicians," incited several dealers to tell their Precision Door stories.

Dealers from coast to coast sent us many emails, and we published their most revealing and shocking letters.

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Should You Take the CDDC Test?


For only 100 bucks, the new CDDC program is a steal of a deal.

Our editor, the first person to pass this Certified Door Dealer Consultant test, reveals what the test covers, who should take it, reasons to take it, and how much study time will likely be needed. Read on.

Update: On Sept. 7, all of C.H.I.'s 16 outside sales staff passed the exam, plus several of the company's inside sales staff.

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How Do You Handle the PITA Customer?

PITAHint: PIT stands for "Pain In The."

In a down economy, these challenging customers can actually be part of the secret to your survival. Read Scott O'Neill's newest sales tips for garage door dealers.

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A Dealer's Guide to CDO Training

CDO TrainingCommercial operators can be a key profit center for the door and gate dealer. But these complex products require training for proper installation and troubleshooting.

CDO expert Roy Bardowell gives us a peek at some of the top training opportunities in North America.

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