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Wayne Dalton
Torque Force

Two long-time industry leaders die

Long-tiime industry leaders die

They say bad news comes in threes. Here are two of them.

First, the CEO of an iconic industry company died at age 56. He passes the CEO role to the fourth generation of family leadership.

The second loss is an industry leader, engineer, and inventor with an illustrious background. That included holding more than 75 patents, being a race car driver, and playing on a practice team in the NFL.

Read their stories here.

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Survey says: The hottest new product at Expo

Hottest new products

The results of our post-Expo nationwide door dealer survey are in. Once again, we asked, “What were the hottest new products at Expo?” and you responded.

The top product is a radically new kind of garage door that wowed the Expo crowd. The #2 product is an all-new residential garage door opener. And #3 is a new GDO accessory that will make you smack yourself upside the head and say, “Why didn’t I think of this?”

Read all about these hot new products.

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Technology and the future of the garage

Technology and the future

The rapid and remarkable advances in technology may soon descend on our industry’s workroom: the garage. This new feature story comes from a garage door expert in England; he shares a futuristic vision that will stop you in your tracks.

Sometimes, when you read someone’s vision of the future, you shake your head and say, “Yeah, right.”

But this story will make you say, “Yeah! Right!”

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The most common injuries in the garage door industry

Most common injuries

A leading garage door dealer in the Midwest recently decided to take action to stop an upswing in debilitating shoulder injuries by his installers and technicians.

This award-winning dealer sat down with the doctor and a physical therapist who treat his injured workers. They did a serious analysis of the problem and developed some serious solutions.

Now, the three of them are sharing their story with you.

BONUS! This story reveals the results of a nationwide door dealer survey that identifies the most common injuries to garage door installers.

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The most intriguing stories in our summer issue


Once again, our latest episode of Clippings contains the most fascinating stories in our entire issue. Did you know …

  • A garage door installer just signed an $11 million contract to play in the NFL?
  • An employee of a garage door company was recently sentenced for stealing $200,000 from his employer?
  • Garage Door Services (alias a zillion other names) was recently exposed on television … again?

Read Clippings right now.

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Is your CDO installation safe?

CDOA Minneapolis dealer recently sent us several excellent questions about commercial door operators and safety.

We’re not stupid. We didn’t try to answer them ourselves.

Instead, we turned to renowned CDO expert Roy Bardowell. Once again, Roy did not disappoint us.

Read the dealer’s questions and Roy’s answers.

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