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How Honest Are Garage Door Repairmen?

How Honest Are Garage Door Repairmen?

“It’s not bad enough that they rip you off. Then they go and pee on your lawn, too?”

Q: Who said that?

A: Matt Lauer, NBC’s “Today” co-anchor.

Yep. He was talking about garage door repairmen.

He said it after “Today” aired a 5-minute hidden-camera investigation. We talked to NBC, and we have the whole story plus a link to the 5-minute video report.

Read our story and watch the video.

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The Real Origins of the Garage Door Industry

Owen L. DautrickAs we all know, the overhead garage door was invented in 1921 by …

Owen L. Dautrick?

Huh? What about C.G. Johnson?

Plus, did you know that the world’s first garage door factory is still standing?

We’ve got the photos and new research to prove it … right here.

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$1,700 for a $100 Repair?

That'll be $1,700, (Sucker)“Garage door repair company overcharges elderly.” That’s the title of a recent story in the Dallas Morning News.

Yep, here we go again. But this time, the report may have identified a garage door repair chain that is the nation’s worst offender.

Hint: It’s not who you think.

Read our new episode of Clippings.

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Your Sales Pitch Just Got Easier

Cost vs Value 2015

The new 2015 Cost vs. Value Report has great news for anyone selling garage doors in America … especially if you live in certain regions of the U.S.

We’ve got the new ROI statistics, and we identify the key regions and cities where the ROI is incredibly good for garage doors.

Read on.

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How to Pass Your Business to the Next Generation

Dirty Little SecretsWhat will you do with your door business when you’re ready to retire?

Our expert says there are four key ingredients for grooming the right person to take over your family business.

Read the four ingredients right here.

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Don’t Miss Expo 2015!

20 YearsThis year’s Expo in Indianapolis is fast approaching (April 8-11), and it’s special for many reasons. Read about this year’s highlights, and check out the impressive list of 29 workshops. Don’t wait! Register online right now.

CRS Become a Certified Technician! April 8-9 is your chance to become a certified technician for Rolling Steel/Fire Doors and Commercial Sectional Doors. These two-day schools can prepare you for the IDEA certification exams. All the details are at this link.

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